Cumberland Hills Subdivision Association

Selling your house?

If you are selling your house, please contact Jeff Erman for a letter showing paid subdivision dues for your closing. Please email him at

Also, please be advised that our by-laws allow for only one real estate sign to be displayed per property.

Rochester Hills Water Restrictions


The city of Rochester Hills has implemented water usage restrictions in order to reduce peak time water consumption. The city is charged a higher rate during peak hours. By requesting residents to water lawns between 1AM and 5AM, the city and in turn all its residents will benefit from the lower non peak time water rates.

Water conservation in Rochester hills.

See ordinance Sec. 102-394. - Restriction


If you are bothered by door-to-door solicitors, Post a No Solicitors sign on your front door/window.


If they still come to your door, ask to see their city permit.


We have initiated a neighborhood watch program.  We ask that you leave your Garage/ Porch lights on to help with safety.
You can purchase LED lights and dusk to dawn light sensors 
at Lowes or Home Depot for a relatively low cost.   

If you know your neighbor is away please pick up the new papers in the driveway.

Theft and Vandalism Prevention


Please be alert to cars parked for long period of time near your house. As a safety precaution please remember to lock your car doors and leave the porch or garage lights on

if possible. This will help deter any suspicious activity.